Adrienne Hodgson-Hoy 

The Wedding Woofers Story 

Mike and I had a modern start to our romance. We met online on a dating site and finally met face to face 3 weeks later. Our first date almost never happened as I called him on the morning to tell him that I had a really bad cold and thought we should cancel. I had already cancelled him once before so he thought that I was messing him around. He told me it was up to me but he wasn’t scared of catching my cold. Our first date was at the cinema. I knew that he was a gentleman from our first date. Not only did he get there early to buy the tickets, but he had thoughtfully bought me a packet of tissues in case I ran out due to my runny nose. He followed this up on our second date with cold relief tablets, chocolates and a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. I now knew that I had found myself a nice, kind man instead of my usual type! 
Mike had 2 children from his first marriage and I knew that I had to get to know them if I wanted a future with him. Lucy was 9 years old and Cameron was 13. Difficult ages for both of them and then they had to get used to me too. Our first holiday as a family was to Florida, and Grandma came too. I thought that if we can survive that, we could get through anything. It is still one of the best holidays that I have ever been on. We were a proper family now. 
Fast forward 5 years and Mike and I were living together in our house. We now had a dog, a cat, a rabbit and 3 fish, as well as Lucy and Cameron. Very unexpectedly, Mike proposed on Christmas day 2016 and I immediately updated my Facebook status to ‘engaged’. I had always wanted to marry him but he had turned me down so many times, I had stopped asking. The one thing we agreed on, was that we had to have our furbaby Millie-Rae included as much as possible. 
We had hoped to get married locally but this was to prove impossible if we wanted Millie-Rae to be involved. The local council would not allow dogs to be within the venue, due to some outdated health and safety rules. Undeterred, I turned to the internet and found some suitable alternative venues. 
We got married at Danby Castle, North Yorkshire and it was the happiest day of our lives. It was a small, intimate affair with just ourselves, 4 of our friends as witnesses and Millie-Rae. I had never imagined a big wedding, wearing a posh dress and being the centre of attention. The only thing that I did, unexpectedly for me, was to wear a ‘proper’ long wedding dress. The venue allowed Millie-Rae to walk me down the aisle, sit between us whilst we took our vows and even sit on my knee when we signed the register. They even provided a dog friendly version of our afternoon tea. 
The photographs of the day made me think others would want their furbaby included in their special day. We surely weren’t alone in thinking this way! This lead to the creation of Weddingwoofers. We can train the dogs, groom them to make them look great and board them whilst you are on honeymoon. On your wedding day we take them to the venue and totally concentrate on their welfare whilst the photographs are taken, allowing you to fully enjoy your special day. 
Thank you for your interest in Wedding Woofers, please email us at, call on 07437 596 547 or complete the form below with details of your event. We will aim to respond as soon as we can. 
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